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Have you ever wondered, a beautiful and peaceful Pine Garden (松原别馆) used to be a Japanese Hualien Harbor Army Military Department during World War II?


Located at Meilun Mountain, Pine Garden (松原别馆) was built in the year of 1942 and it’s surrounded by many centennial pine trees. Pine Garden (松原别馆) was used by the Japanese Government in order to overlook the entire Meilun Creek estuary, Hualien Harbor and Pacific, making Pine Garden (松原别馆) a strategic place for a military command center too.

A recreational retreat for the higher rank of Japanese officers, Pine Garden (松原别馆) also used to bless Kamikaze pilot with a special wine from the Heavenly Emperor on the night before their suicide mission.


There is no entrance fee for Hualien citizens who visit Pine Garden (松原别馆). However, tourists have to pay the entrance fee which cost NT$60, while children or elderly who are above 65 years old may have to pay NT$30. Pine Garden (松原别馆) also  closed on every second and fourth Tuesday of the month.

Pine Garden (松原别馆)
allows visitors to appreciate the century old pine trees at different times of the day when the lights hit from different angles.

There is a souvenir shop selling various kind of souvenirs to the visitors too.

The second level of Pine Garden (松原别馆) exhibits the information, photos and literatures about the World War II.

In addition, Pine Garden (松原别馆) exhibition also holds the art and literature activities such as Pacific Poetry Festivals, a gathering of heavyweight poets and writers at home or abroad.


Little Wooden House (小木屋) used to be a meeting room for the Japanese Officers. After World War II, it was rumored that the highest commanding officer committed suicide here.

Little Wooden House (小木屋) also has a unique interior design where the center part of the cottage is an altar of the Japanese Emperor photo. The windows were built symmetrically and the overall interior design of the Little Wooden House (小木屋) functions as a moisture-resistant and thermal insulation too.


There is a air-raid shelter (防空洞) under the ground, which is a 170 cm dugout deeply restored since World War II. The air-raid shelter (防空洞) allows visitors to experience and feel the horror moment of World War II with some sound effect too.


There is also a humble and cozy Pine Cafe (松原餐坊) which used to be the Japanese military quarters. Pine Cafe (松原餐坊) also allows visitors to enjoy the coffee, delicious pastries and cake in such a wonderful historical environment.


Pine Garden (松原别馆) was a fun and interesting place to visit where you want to learn more about the history of World War II. Furthermore, with the special historical background, Pine Garden (松原别馆) also owns a very different architectural style which able to attract more visitors to visit Pine Garden (松原别馆).


No 65, Songyuan Street, Hualien City, Hualien County, Taiwan 970. | 9AM – 6PM



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