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Xiangshan Visitor Center (向山游客中心)is a unique and beautiful center, which allow visitors to enjoy and overlook the amazing view of Sun Moon Lake (日月潭).

Xiangshan Visitor Center (向山游客中心) has a unique design with some wood-patterned exteriors and wing design stretching like human arms that embracing the earth. Moreover, the two giant canopy structures which are 8m tall each allows visitors to enjoy the beautiful landscape of Xiangshan Visitor Center (向山游客中心) and appreciate the sheer beauty of Sun Moon Lake (日月潭).


Xiangshan Visitor Center (向山游客中心) also has a nice and great cafe which offers a variety of flavoured coffee and pastries to the visitors. Besides overlooking the awesome view of Sun Moon Lake (日月潭), Xiangshan Cafe also owns a distinctive feature which is the internationally renowned avant garde building designed by a Japanese architect too.


Xiangshan Visitor Center (向山游客中心) is a minimalist design concept building and the main bar of Xiangshan Cafe combines the glass and light elements in order to create a pleasant visual effect to the building itself.

Xiangshan Visitor Center (向山游客中心) also has an open concept shop area and it overturns the disorderly impression that ordinary shops often give, increase  the spacious feeling and minimalist yet modern style to the visitors.

There is a free exhibition about the local flora and fauna and the life of the aboriginal too.


Xiangshan Visitor Center (向山游客中心) also offers a 4km biking trail for the visitors who would like to cycle around while enjoying the beautiful view of Sun Moon Lake (日月潭). Visitors also can rent a bicycle from the bicycle rental shop too.


It was raining when I visited Xiangshan Visitor Center (向山游客中心), hence I don’t really enjoy my visit there due to the bad weather. The floor was wet and I don’t even have the chance to cycle around too. Nevertheless, I did manage to take some of the pictures and amazed the beauty of the building itself. The toilet was surprisingly clean and there is a water filter system that enables visitors to refill the water too.


No.599, Zhongshan Road, Yuchi Township, Nantou County, Taiwan 555. | 9AM – 5PM (DAILY)


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