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Tiangontan Park (天公壇公园) which connected to the Tiangongtan Temple (天公壇) was originally known as Xinque Temple and dedicated to the Jade Emperor in Taiwan.

Tiangongtan Temple (天公壇) is also as famous as Chenghuang Temple (城隍庙) that attracts many believers to visit the temple during the first day of each lunar month to worship the Jade Emperor, who build a furnace for votive offerings.


Tiangongtan Temple (天公壇) is a huge religious temple that has blesses Hsinchu people for many generations. Tiangongtan Temple (天公壇) is also a solemn religious center that’s open to the public.

Tiangongtan Temple (天公壇) has various buildings with other god in it too. The halls in the Tiangongtan Temple (天公壇) connecting to others building with the staircase leading to anywhere.

The temple interior is still retains many of its precious cultural relics since many years ago. Each hall has its own fascinating and interesting sculpture and carving to be revealed, such as a nice dragon painting wall, pillar sculpture facing the main entrance and etc.


The 25m tall Nine Dragon Pillar (九龙柱) that situated in the center of Tiangontan Park (天公壇公园) is one of the tallest pillars in Taiwan. The pillar reflects the power and agility of Jade Emperor and worship the sacrifaction of the gods to the people. There is also a suspension bridge inside Tiangontan Park (天公壇公园) which is one of the significant landmarks and interesting night scenes in Hsinchu City. The bridge was shining and light up brightly during night time, making the dim city glow and shine in the dark.

Parents love to bring the kids to chill at Tiangontan Park (天公壇公园) during evening time, as it is a great place for the kids to play and run around. If you are around Hsinchu area, don’t forget to pay a visit here with your friends and family!


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