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Craving for the exquisite taste of Japanese BBQ in Taiwan? Then you shouldn’t miss the authentic Yakiniku or BBQ experience at Umai Yakiniku (屋馬燒肉) which serve the premium “Japanese Wagyu” and many other fresh and quality food at reasonable price. Umai Yakiniku (屋馬燒肉) also offers a variety of food for the customer to choose ranging from mouth-watering appetisers, fresh and juicy salad, tantalising seafood, desserts, beverages and many more.

We visited Taichung Umai Yakiniku (屋馬燒肉) at Wenxin Road, Nantun District to celebrate my cousin sister’s birthday. No booking was done and we were trying our luck as it was a last minute plan to visit Umai Yakiniku (屋馬燒肉). Surprisingly, there is no waiting time for us when we walked in, as it was a famous and extremely crowded restaurant in Taichung. I would still suggest to make a reservation in advance to prevent any disappointment if you are planning to dine at Taichung Umai Yakiniku (屋馬燒肉).

Taichung Umai Yakiniku (屋馬燒肉) at Wenxin Road, Nantun District is a 3-storeys Japanese restaurant that able to occupy at least 30 guests.

The 1st level of the restaurant functions as a lobby or a waiting area that offer guests tea or coffee, menu for a preview while they are waiting to be seated.

In addition, there is also an eye catching open concept dining area with the contemporary design of acrylic dining sets behind the lobby exclusively reserved for some events and functions.

The 2nd level of Taichung Umai Yakiniku (屋馬燒肉) at Wenxin Road, Nantun District is an indoor dining area, while the 3rd level is a VIP dining room.

Taichung Umai Yakiniku (屋馬燒肉) at Wenxin Road, Nantun District also is a disabled-friendly Japanese restaurant as it has elevator service that enable guest with restricted physical conditions to dine in the restaurant.


The only thing that matters when enjoying Japanese BBQ or Yakiniku is the quality and tenderness of the meat itself. The food that has been served at Umai Yakiniku (屋馬燒肉) is resemble to the original concept found in Japan. Umai Yakiniku (屋馬燒肉) menu comprised the typical Japanese BBQ items for instance: raw meats, fresh vegetables, soups and salads as the side dishes.

Umai Yakiniku (屋馬燒肉) also has a wide selection of beef ranging from basic sirloin to short rib (price from TWD 150 to TWD 600). Wagyu beef is also included in the selection as well. Furthermore, Umai Yakiniku (屋馬燒肉) also serve pork, chicken and seafood at moderate prices around TWD 200 per plate. We don’t eat beef, hence we ordered a set of pure pork menu which cost about TWD 1980. The meat was served in a 3 tier elegant porcelain plate just like what we normally have for our afternoon high tea.

Customer may choose to upgrade their rice to one of the signature seafood porridge according to their preference. After ordered, we were immediately being served with Umai Yakiniku (屋馬燒肉) complimentary soup to satiate our hunger and were asked by the service crew if we prefer the soup to be saltier too!

It was really a surprise where Umai Yakiniku (屋馬燒肉) serve my cousin sister Haagen-Dazs ice-cream on a big square serving plate decorated with Chip and Dale painting together with “Happy Birthday on it.

The staffs really work extra mile and fantastic effort to serve their customers, thumbs up for the excellent service!


The food and service were excellent that one cannot find anything to complain! I was impressed with Umai Yakiniku (屋馬燒肉) disabled-friendly service where it has elevator service that enable guest with restricted physical conditions to dine in the restaurant. Furthermore, a lot of attention to detail was placed, especially when they are presenting their food to the customer, make it presentable and nourishment. Not to deny that the food was fresh and delicious too!

The “not so good” part of the restaurant is when Umai Yakiniku (屋馬燒肉) get crowded, the service tends to be slower and you may need longer time to get the service crew attention to serve your table.


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