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Lin Mo Niang (林默娘) or also known as Mazu (妈祖) in Taiwan is a Chinese sea goddess who had the gift of supernatural ability that able to predict the weather and protects the seafarers such as fishermen and sailors from the stormy sea and shipwreck.


Mazu (妈祖) was born on 23rd Lunar month 960 CE during the Song Dynasty as the seventh daughter of Lin Yuan (林愿) on Meizhou Island (湄洲岛) at Fujian China (福建). At her age of 28 years old, Mazu (妈祖) was ascended to the Heaven and became a sea goddess at the Highest Peak of her hometown on Meizhou Island (湄洲岛) at Fujian China (福建). The legend also stated that Mazu (妈祖) took a small boat to rescue the many fishing boats and trading vessels off the coast of Fujian (福建) during a huge storm. However, Mazu (妈祖) was eventually succumbed to the wave and soon she was rose to become a sea Goddess.

Hence, Taiwanese worship Mazu (妈祖) and built a Lin Mo Niang Statue (林默娘雕像) next to the Anping Fishing Harbour (安平渔港), guiding and watching over the ships and boat passing everyday at Tainan harbour. Soon, the park was named after the statue as Lin Mo Niang Park (林默娘公园) and the statue was vivid depicting how Mazu (妈祖) looked when she was a young and beautiful simple lady in her human form.

The location of Lin Mo Niang Park (林默娘公园) is convenient and strategic too, as Lin Mo Niang Park (林默娘公园) is located next to a waterway leading to the Taiwan straits.  The park is also built on a slope which offered a scenic view of sunset during evening too. Many Taiwanese will take this opportunity to have a stroll during evening to enjoy the beautiful sunset view from Lin Mo Niang Park (林默娘公园).

Furthermore, Lin Mo Niang Park (林默娘公园) offers a spacious parking lot  and open space that made it an ideal spot for kite flyers to enjoy the kite flying activity whenever the wind is blowing.

Lin Mo Niang Park (林默娘公园) has plenty of trees and it is an awesome place for those who wish to stay under the shade too. Lin Mo Niang Park (林默娘公园) is also pet friendly zone where it allows pet lovers to stroll their pet here. Water faucets are available too for those who would like to wash their hands or playing bubbles at this lovely park. Lin Mo Niang Park (林默娘公园) also is an ideal location for a picnic too especially during spring.


Lin Mo Niang Park (林默娘公园) is a great place which offer a nice scenery and good sunset spot for those who wish to escape from the bustling city during evening or weekend. Lin Mo Niang Park (林默娘公园) also offers a very good view of the nearby city lights especially during night falls. The moonlight gently shines on the  Lin Mo Niang Statue (林默娘雕像) and just like she embraces this ancient city with her gracious character. The park was windy and you may see many people flying kites here. It’s definitely worth your visit when you are visiting Tainan.


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