Water Running Upward | Gorgeous Myth Discovering in Taiwan | Zanne Xanne’s Travel Guide

There is something extraordinary that you shouldn’t miss when you visit Taitung, the water is running upward around Dulan Fishing Bridge and halfway up the hills. As a result, Taiwanense name this gorgeous myth worth discovering as Water Running Upward (水往上流).

Water Running Upward (水往上流) is a unique slope along the roadside, a narrow ditch that lies next to the stone and water is running upward against the gravity.

This irrigation ditch is only 1.8km away from Dulan violates and many visitors were attracted by this marvel and spectacular geographical wonder Water Running Upward (水往上流).

In fact, Water Running Upward (水往上流) is due to the tilting angle of the roadside landscape larger than that the road surface and created the secret behind this unique illusion.

Moreover, there is a mini bazaar on top of Water Running Upward (水往上流) which allow visitors to buy some souvenir and handmade art craft too.


Turn West at 151.5km of No.11 Provincial Highway, Donghe Township, Taitung Country Taiwan. | Open 24 hours


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