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For the nature lovers out there, you should include Taejongdae Park as one of the MUST VISIT PLACES IN BUSAN which was designated as a monument that represents this second largest city in South Korea.

I was fascinated by the rocky cliffs along the seaside and if the weather is good, you may get the chance to see Japan’s Tsushima Island from the observatory too! Tsushima Island is only 49.5km away from the Korean Peninsula.

It was Mr So’s dad birthday too and we decided to plan a birthday trip to Taejongdae Park which included Yeongdo Lighthouse and Sinseon Rock. We found out that we don’t have enough time for us to explore the entire park although it’s just one day trip, hence we skip the Observatory Deck and Taejongdae Temple during the Danubi Train’s ride.


Stop at Nampo-dong Station, Exit 6 or Busan Subway Station and look for bus No.8, 30, 88, 88-A. The journey is about 40 minutes.


Taejongdae Park is a nature park which located on the Southernmost tip of the island of Yeongdo-gu. Featuring the highest peak of 250 meters, Taejongdae Park consists of forest of pine trees and 200 other varieties of tree in the park. It was named after the King of Taejong Mu-Yeol (604-661) who enjoy shooting arrows  the most in this park.


Besides enjoying the lush greenery of Taejongdae Park, visitors also visit Yeongdo Lighthouse which plays an essential part in Busan. It was built since the year of 1906 and the lighthouse provides vital guidance to the ships around Busan Port. And nowadays, Yeongdo Lighthouse has turned Taejongdae Park as one of the main attractions for the local and foreign tourist to visit Busan.

There are many staircases from the road down to Yeongdo Lighthouse. The stairs are quite steep, remember to hold on to the handle while you are walking down to the cliff area.

Do remember to visit their Marine Library which located inside the lighthouse. There are varieties of story book related to Yeongdo Lighthouse’s myth and it’s easy to understand via the illustration too!

This is not an easy trip for those who are travelling with elderly. However, it’s really worth for your time and effort, especially catching the romantic sunset in the evening.

There are two options for you to visit Yeongdo Lighthouse:

1.Cruise along the coast and enjoy the spectacular view of Yeongdo Lighthouse from the ocean

You may buy the ship’s ticket from the salesman upon arrival at Taejongdae Park Bus Stop. It costs about KRW 10,000 each and sometimes they are having some promotion package for the family too!

Follow the guide given in order to fill up the boarding declaration form.

There were total 6 of us and we only paid for 4 tickets. (get 2 FREE 😊)

It was a 40 minute ride along the coast and visitors able to enjoy the awesome view of Yeongdo Lighthouse and the spectacular ocean view.

Before returning to the original deck, the ship will stop at Yeongdo Lighthouse Deck. There is an announcement made before reaching Yeongdo Lighthouse, however it’s in Korean. Hence, we don’t manage to prepare ourselves and we missed the deck. We have to use option 2 “Danubi Train” to reach Yeongdo Lighthouse.

2.Ride on Danubi Train and explore Yeongdo Lighthouse

Hop onto Danubi Train and stop at the second bus stop of Yeongdo Lighthouse. You may reach the destination easily as most of the information were written in English.

The train ticket costs about KRW 3000 for adult and KRW 2000 for teenager between 14-19 years old. Take note about the operation time, the train only operates from 9am – 5.30pm. Don’t miss the last train or else you need to hike down all way from the hills. 😅

We bought the tickets and we were assigned to ride the train No.29. However, you need to include some waiting time about 30 to 45 minutes as it was very crowded and full with the local and foreign visitors. Hence, you need to wait for your train number to be called in order to ride the train. Do remember that queue cutting is prohibited. ⛔️


There’s a rocky cliff below Yeongdo Lighthouse and it was named after the myth that gods and goddesses came down to Taejongdae Park to relax. While, the rock figure called Mangbuseok which is named after the story of a woman waited for her husband who had been taken to Japan.


Seen it was Mr So’s dad birthday, we decided to give him a birthday treat by ordering the sumptuous seafood grill meal which costs us about KRW 120,000 for 6 person.😊

They provide different kind of seafood such as eel, abalone, scallop, clam, squid and varieties of shellfish for the customers to choose too.

If you are dare, eat like the local and you can try the raw squid without grilling them. 😊


It was an interesting yet memorable experience, especially we tried out both options in order to visit Yeongdo Lighthouse. Unfortunately, we never visit the Observatory Deck and Taejongdae Temple due to the limit of time. The colourful Danubi Train ride was fun, it brought back my childhood memories and we got the chance to see the cherry blossom blooming along the roadside too. Moreover, I enjoyed the sea breeze very much and wave hitting the seashore, although I got slight tanned than before after returning from Taejongdae Park’s trip.

The bad thing about Taejongdae Park is the steep sloop and the staircases. Hence, you really need to be extra careful if you are travelling with elderly. You may choose the option one  by cruising Yeongdo Lighthouse via the ship.

Thanks for reading once again, don’t forget to check out my others Busan interesting blog too! 🌸

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