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Hello beautiful people, I can smell the scent of marriage and the ringing of wedding bell from my surroundings lately. There’s a new study suggests that the couple should get married between the age of 28 and 32 if they don’t want to get divorced easily and at least in the first five years after the date. Seem my first wedding planning project was so successful, I continually received some questions from you all and seeking for some advises regarding the pre-wedding shoot information from local and oversea studio. This has triggered me to do more research about the wedding planning and meanwhile a preparation for myself as well!

If you prefer something nature and wish to travel to a beautiful location for an outdoor pre-wedding shoot, then you should consider the places below:


Bali is renowned for its spectacular mountain view, looming volcanoes, lush terraced rice fields and crystal clear beaches. The range of prices is about SGD 500 – SGD 1000.

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Japan is a lovely country of unique and attractive culture that offers the perfect backdrop where the traditional, nature and man made come together in glorious harmony. The range of price is about SGD 3000 – SGD 5000.

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Korea is one of the famous locations for a pre-wedding shoot where you can find various parks, traditional building and Han River within the city. The range of price is about SGD 3000- SGD 4000.

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London is very popular with the iconic building such as Tower Bridge and Tower of London, Big Ben and the red phone boxes and buses that can be captured around the city. The range of price is about SGD 3500- SGD 7000.

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New Zealand makes for a gorgeous pre-wedding shoot destination at any time where you can capture the scene of the beautiful lavender field, snow capped mountains in winter, Aurora Australis in summer and pink lupins. The range of price is about SGD 3000- SGD 4500.

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Iceland is an amazing setting with nature white backdrop that makes this location unique and perfect for the pre-wedding shoot. The range of price is about SGD 4000 and above.

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Paris, the “City of Love” which is a beautiful location that steeped in magnificent works of architecture, both traditional and modern famous landmark such as Eiffel Tower and the Notre Dame. The range of price is about SGD 1000 – SGD 4000.

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Santorini, Greece is one of the most beautiful islands in the world with the whitewashed building with the blue painted rooftops that makes the place stunning and perfect for the pre-wedding shoot. The range of price is about SGD 2600 and above.

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From the modern skyscrapers in Taipei to the sandy shores of Kenting, Taiwan is renowned for its natural beauty, historical sites and interesting nigh markets. The range of price is about SGD 2200 and above.

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Venice, Italy is famous for its romantic gondola rides, canals and impressive baroque-style architecture. Each twist and turn in the city lead to another great photo opportunity. The range of price is about SGD 1000 –SGD 3000.



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If you are asking me which is my favorite location, I would prefer Korea. However, Mr So would like to have the photoshoot in Japan and I have no idea why is he so fond of Japan and for me, I definitely love the four season scenery at Jeju Island.

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