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Situated between Linshanbi 麟山鼻 to the south and Fugui Cape 富貴角 to the north, Baisha Bay 白沙灣 or also known as White Sand Bay is a well-known beach in Taiwan among the northern Taiwanese people for summer time outing.

Baisha Bay 白沙灣 is also a 1km long white sand beach stretching along the coast, offering a great surfing conditions and breathtaking shoreline that attracts lots of visitors to visit Baisha Bay 白沙灣 during weekend. Due to the geographic location, Baisha Bay 白沙灣 is a windy place and the shore area become extremely large with the shallow tide pools during the low tide too.

Baisha Bay 白沙灣 is also one of the famous beaches with a wealth of water activities especially surfing and kayaking. Although it’s not a typical tourist beach resort, many visitors still love to visit Baisha Bay 白沙灣 due to its pearly white sand and crystal clear blue sea.


Take a train north all the way to the end of the red line. Once you have arrive Tamsui 淡水, you can take bus no.862 or 863 across the road from the train station. It will take approximately 45 mins to 1 hour to reach Baisha Bay 白沙灣.


The formation of rocky promontories that can be found at Baisha Bay 白沙灣 are the result of volcanic activities that occurred 800,000 years ago. The different minerals that present in the rocks have created a mottled rock surface that became a primitive fish trap for the local fisherman to catch the fish. These fish traps had become one of the significant activities that can be seen along the coast between Baisha Bay 白沙灣 and Linshanbi Bay麟山鼻.


Linshan Cape Recreation Area is equipped with the wooden trails and hiking trails that allow visitors to appreciate the coastal scenery and observe the beach ecology. It is indeed an ideal recreational spot for the families with young kid where the kids can learn so much from our mother nature!


Here is the starting point of the hiking trail and it is a 1.4KM long trail that allow visitors to enjoy the sea breeze and awesome coastal scenery along the bay. It is also a great place to catch the sunset as well where the beach will look mysterious and beautiful when the rays of the setting sun cast upon it.  


The wooden trail is connecting another part of Baisha Bay 白沙灣 with Linshanbi Fishing Port 麟山鼻漁港. Remember to lower down your voice when you are entering the wooden trail.


Located next to the Linshan Cape Recreation Area, Linshanbi Fishing Port 麟山鼻漁港 is built on the western side of the bay under the shelter of Linshanbi Cape. You may see various type of fisherman’s boat park in front of the fishing port, waiting for their turn to return to the sea to catch some fish.

Due to the COVID pandemic, there is not much people around Baisha Bay 白沙灣. Nevertheless, I had an enjoyable and pleasant day strolling around the coastal and soaking my feet into the water during my last Summer here!


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