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Hsinchu is another hidden gem which is the 7th largest city by population in Taiwan. Hsinchu has an unofficial nickname “The Windy City” due to its unique and windy location as the weather is habitually windy regardless of the time of the year.Here are some of the unique attractions that Hsinchu offers and you can visit all in the same day:


Chenghuang Temple (城隍庙), dedicated to Chenghuang or also known as City God was built during the period of the Kingdom of Tungning. The local often visit Chenghuang Temple (城隍庙) to pray for better lives, health and to avoid flooding and drought.

There are 3 MAIN REASONS that people often visit Chenghuang Temple (城隍庙). You may click HERE to find out more about Chenghuang Temple (城隍庙). 


Hukou Old Street (湖口老街) is the smallest Hsinchu old street that located center of Sanyuan Temple and comprises 3 roads: Jietou, Hengjie and Xinjie. 

Hukou Old Street (湖口老街) buildings has an iconic Roman Baroque style that has lengthwise rectangular structures and curvy twisted lines that replacing the straight lines in building design itself. You may click HERE to find out more about Hukou Old Street (湖口老街). 


Green Grass Lake or also known as Qingcao Lake (青草湖) that located at East District of Hsinchu (新竹) has been listed as one of the eight greatest scenes and must visit places in Taiwan. In the year of 1956, Green Grass Lake (青草湖) was originally built as a dam to irrigate and control the flood. Then Green Grass Lake (青草湖) original purpose was abolished by the government in the year of 1987 due to the decrease of water capacity. 

Green Grass Lake (青草湖) was then being turned into a recreational area and now it is one of the main tourist attraction spots in Hsinchu (新竹). You may click HERE to find out more about Green Grass Lake (青草湖). 


Tiangontan Park (天公壇公园) which connected to the Tiangongtan Temple (天公壇) was originally known as Xinque Temple and dedicated to the Jade Emperor in Taiwan.

Tiangongtan Temple (天公壇) is also as famous as Chenghuang Temple (城隍庙) that attracts many believers to visit the temple during the first day of each lunar month to worship the Jade Emperor, who build a furnace for votive offerings. You may click HERE to find out more about Tiangontan Park (天公壇公园). 


Qingqing Grassland Terrazzo Slides (青青草原滑梯) was added recently on to Google map due to the demand and popularity among Taiwanese as being one of the longest slides in Northern Taiwan. Qingqing Grassland Terrazzo Slides (青青草原滑梯) is also a 54 meter long slides that manage to attract over 6000 visitors over the weekend to visit Qingqing Grassland (青青草原).

In addition, there are also some pedestrian walkaways, lighting, water system, public toilets and bird watching area being built near to the entrance of Qingqing Grassland Terrazzo Slides (青青草原滑梯). You may click HERE to find out more about Qingqing Grassland Terrazzo Slides (青青草原滑梯).

Have you been to Hsinchu before? What are your favourite places in the Windy City?

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