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Green Grass Lake or also known as Qingcao Lake (青草湖) that located at East District of Hsinchu (新竹) has been listed as one of the eight greatest scenes and must visit places in Taiwan.

In the year of 1956, Green Grass Lake (青草湖) was originally built as a dam to irrigate and control the flood. Then Green Grass Lake (青草湖) original purpose was abolished by the government in the year of 1987 due to the decrease of water capacity.

Green Grass Lake (青草湖) was then being turned into a recreational area and now it is one of the main tourist attraction spots in Hsinchu (新竹).

Surrounded by lush greenery, Green Grass Lake (青草湖) also provides relaxing facilities to the public for instance: greenery garden, bridges, bird observation deck, lake-encircling track and resting places for the visitors to enjoy and appreciate the views of the lake.

Green Grass Lake (青草湖) is a small yet beautiful lake which located 4 km away from Hsinchu downtown. Due to the outskirts location of Green Grass Lake (青草湖), it’s not convenient to travel to the lake and visitors may need to charter a car or taxi, even to rent a bicycle in order to reach there.


Green Grass Lake (青草湖) has a lovely bridge that known as Ying Yue Bridge (映月桥) which connected visitors to another small island Yu Fei Dao (于飞岛).

YU FEI DAO | 于飞岛

Yu Fei Dao (于飞岛) was formed due to the accumulation of sands and muds over the years. Initially, Yu Fei Dao (于飞岛) was an isolated island and also has attracted vary kind of bird species that gather on the island. After some construction, Yu Fei Dao (于飞岛) was finally connected to the main part of Green Grass Lake (青草湖) by Ying Yue Bridge (映月桥).

There is also a pavilion that inspired by China Hangzhou West Lake (杭州西湖) was built on the Yu Fei Dao (于飞岛) in order to make Green Grass Lake (青草湖) become one of the greatest scenes and must visit places in Taiwan.


Phoenix Bridge (凤凰桥) was one of the memorable scenes in the ancient Taiwan, movie which bring back a lot of memories of Taiwanese. Don’t forget to take a picture when you stop by Phoenix Bridge (凤凰桥).

Green Grass Lake (青草湖) is a nice and ideal place for picnics as well. You can’t find much hawker or food stalls around here. Hence, it’s advisable to bring along some food or snacks while you are visiting Green Grass Lake (青草湖).

If you are looking for a tranquil and beautiful lake in Taiwan, don’t forget to visit Green Grass Lake (青草湖) as it is an idyllic and beautiful recreational place that you shouldn’t miss in Hsinchu.


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