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The most expensive rice in Taiwan was grown in Chishang (池上), a rural township that located at Taitung County, which also known as Pure Land in the East Rift Valley. Chishang (池上) is a renowned scenic tourist spot which offered a well watered field that free of pollution and ideal weather condition that suitable for agriculture especially Chishang Rice (池上米).


Visitors can board any express train to Chishang Railway Station and rent a bike or bicycle from the nearest shop that located next to Chishang Railway Station to explore this lovely and tranquil county.


In order to kick start our day in Chishang (池上), we accidentally spotted this breakfast shop 全家福小吃店 located not far away from Chishang Railway Station selling unique Rapeseed Scallion Pancake (油菜花葱抓饼) where you not able to find from any other breakfast shop.

The Rapeseed Scallion Pancake (油菜花葱抓饼) was green in colour and it was a seasonal menu for 全家福小吃店 which only can be found during spring. It tasted crusty and crispy too, especially when it served with eggs!

Furthermore, 全家福小吃店 also selling exclusive Rice Meat Ball (珍珠丸子) which made from Chishang’s rice and it is one of the MUST TRY FOOD in 全家福小吃店 too!


Next, we visited Brown Avenue or Brown Boulevard (伯朗大道) which is a renowned golden yellow rice paddy field in Chishang (池上). Brown Avenue (伯朗大道) is also a lovely and picturesque little town that enables visitors to explore and cycle around the 2.2km long straight road surrounded by the green or golden yellow paddy field. You may wish to click HERE to read more about Brown Avenue (伯朗大道).


After spending approximately 4hours at Brown Avenue (伯朗大道), we visited Wutao Chishang Fanbao Museum (悟饕池上饭包文化故事馆) for their exclusive Chishang Fanbao (池上饭包). Chishang Fanbao (池上饭包) is an authentic lunch box which packed traditionally in a little box that held together by 4 wooden panels. It usually serves braised egg, Taiwanese sausage, dried bean curd, pork slices and some cabbage.

Moreover, Wutao Chishang Fanbao Museum (悟饕池上饭包文化故事馆) also has a unique interior and exterior design in order to attract more visitors to visit the museum too. You may click HERE to read more about Wutao Chishang Fanbao Museum (悟饕池上饭包文化故事馆).

Chishang (池上) is an ideal location to plant rice and it has gained the name being “Number One Rice” in Taiwan. Over 80% of the farms in Chishang (池上) have received the Chishang Rice Certification, passing through the rigorous tests for the presence of pesticides and the quality of the rice. As a result, you may spot various kinds of rice or paddy field theme decoration in Chishang (池上) including their 7-Eleven as well!

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