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Shout out to the bookworms out there! Come and indulge yourself in some writing at Bosu-dong Book Street, which owns a 70 years of history and it’s also a place where the bookworms favourite gather spot in Busan. Here, literary enthusiasts and bookworms are welcome by the bookstore owners. Bosu-dong Book Street has also become one of the renowned book street in town!


After Korea’s independence in 1945, Bosu-dong Book Street was established as a residential area and the residents began to sell the left behind books by the Japanese to survive. During the Korean War, they were forced to sell their beloved possessions and also the books in order to get the money to buy food.

Soon, more people flocked into Bosu-dong to sell their books and Bosu-dong Book Street began to grow. The books were available for every topic and genre, they were also written in Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese as well. Moreover, the refugees started to sell the books and magazines which left behind by the American soldiers as well. These have attracted the professors and students started to visit Bosu-dong Book Street due to the affordable price.

We were here in the lovely evening after visiting BIFF square (Busan International Film Festival) which located near to Bosu-dong Book Street. Bosu-dong Book Street has remained its long and extensive alley as the only second hand bookstore lane in Korea. Each of the mini bookstores owns its unique character and history, some have transformed the bookstore into a themed cafe which allow the readers to read and enjoy the aroma of coffee in a tranquil space. ☕️

Most of the bookstores sell various types of reading material in Korean for instance: magazines, novels, dictionaries, art books, autobiographies, fiction and non fiction books and etc. They also sell the second-hand book in English and Japanese as well. However, I failed to get “The Little Prince” in both Korean and English from here. 📖 (ps: Perhaps I should be more patient in searching the book from this hidden gem.) 🧐

Although some of the books can be found in the bigger bookshop, the locals and visitors still prefer to visit Bosu-dong Book Street due to the cheaper rate.

Most of the books are resold by Busan citizens and you can easily find both new or old books from here with cheaper price. Don’t forget to grab one of your favourite books here when you visit Bosu-dong Book Street.


📍 Toseong Station (Line 1) Exit 1. Take a right at the corner of Busan Bank and walk along the street until the Bosu Four-way intersection (sageori). The book street will be located on the left.

📍 Jagalchi Station (Line 1), Exit 3. Take a right immediately and then walk straight for about 620m. Cross the main road, Daecheong-ro, and the book street is straight ahead.

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