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The little girl’s dream to enter the Magic Kingdom castle had finally come true. The delightful theme of World Bazaar, the imaginative and futuristic of Tomorrowland… No doubt that it is always the child and adult all time favourite which has occupied most of our childhood memories! Tokyo Disneyland is one of the crowded and packed theme parks in the world and we queue up for approximately 2-3 hours just for a ride.

We planned to wake up very early in the morning and try to reach there by 7 am in order to queue up at the entrance. However, one of our friends had fallen sick and after dragging we only able to make it at 10am. Upon arrival, the queue was long and the waiting time for each ride had risen to 3 hours.Besides the classic Disney attractions, visitors able to enjoy and experience the unique entertainment and attractions for instance World Bazaar, Tomorrowland, Toontown, Fantasyland, Critter Country, Westernland and Adventureland.

There’s still a nice and delicious food in Tokyo Disneyland and you will definitely amaze with the taste and packaging of the food where everything is in the Mickey shape including the burger itself!


Tokyo Disneyland is a 5mins walk from JR Maihama Station. Some visitors may prefer to enter from the other side of the resort’s entrance where they able to ride the Disney Resort Monorail with a nice and colourful Mickey’s theme interior.  However, we did not manage to take the ride due to the pack schedule.


One of my favourite attractions in Tokyo Disneyland is Toontown where this little pleasant park is designed with a lot of cute and colourful Disney character’s sculpture for visitors to play with, climb on, crawl through and even take a picture with them! Girls will definitely never say no to the cute stuffs. Moreover, it’s a family friendly attraction that you can supervise your kids here and give them a safer ride with the kid friendly entertainment such as Goofy’s Paint “n” Playhouse and Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin. We were quite rushed for the next attraction, hence we only able to visit Minnie’s House and Chip and Dale’s Treehouse.

The Japanese kid was so cute when we were taking the picture together.


We were quite disappointed as we not able to catch the fireworks and it was raining cats and dogs in the evening. Everyone was running to the nearer shelter and souvenir shops and there were too many visitors until everyone were stuck with each other. I was really having a hard time to look for my friends as we were lost in the shops. Furthermore, one day tour in Disneyland is definitely not enough, you may consider for a 2 day pass if you are having a long stay in Japan. Nevertheless, it was still a memorable experience to explore Disneyland with a group of lovely people and we had a good bonding time while waiting for the rides too !

Stay tuned for my final Tokyo trip to Kawaguchiko Lake. 🙂

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