Sony WH-H910N Wireless Noise Canceling Stereo Headset Review by Zanne Xanne

Recently, Mr So has received this free gift Sony WH-H910N Wireless Headset and I’m going to review it after 1 month of use.


– Quick Atention Mode

– Active Noise Cancellation

– 35 hours Battery Life

– Bluetooth 5.0

– 25mm Drivers

– Quick Charging


Sony WH-H910N Wireless Headset is available  in a wide range of colours and it has a pair of cushy earpads too. As it’s a free gift from the bank, we received Sony WH-H910N Wireless Headset in black colour. Sony WH-H910N Wireless Headset is comfortable, sturdy-built and offer a long continuous battery life for different usage.


Sony WH-H910N Wireless Headset has bluetooth function with noise cancellation features. However, the ANC system is not effective enough and their integrated  microphone struggles to isolate the voice from loud background noise. The noise cancellation is not as good as the flagship model where I still can hear the background noise when it’s too loud.


There are only 2 buttons that you can press ~ Power Button and Mode Switching Button. To turn on Sony WH-H910N Wireless Headset, simply press and hold the Power Button for 3seconds either to turn on or turn off the headset. While the Mode Switching Button allows you to turn on or turn off the ambient sound and also the noise cancellation function.

You may also control the volume by swiping up or down, front or back of the right earcup tap to play the next or previous track. Furthermore, you may also play or stop the audio by double tap the right earcup.


Sony WH-H910N Wireless Headset noise cancellation is effective to isolate the noisy background and the headset shouldn’t have an issue to last through several days at work. It’s one of the helpful gadget to work from home during this pandemic as well!


Sony WH-H910N Wireless Headset is not suitable for gaming purpose as there will be some delay on the sound system due to the bluetooth function. Furthermore, Sony WH-H910N Wireless Headset is not comfortable for long hour wearing.


Sony WH-H910N Wireless Headset is suitable for sport purpose due to the wireless system. The wireless design has reduced the risk of audio cable snagging or yanking from your head. Sony WH-H910N Wireless Headset is also lightweight and sturdy enough for jogging. However, do avoid from some strenuous exercise as the headset may slip off from your ear.


Sony WH-H910N Wireless Headset still have some limitation as it does not support multi device pairing, The headset will cause annoying to the user who frequently swap between listening to the phone’s content and computer’s content. Sony WH-H910N Wireless Headset is not the most intuitive to talk to another person, but it’s still helpful if you want to listen to what happen around you.

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