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September is always my favourite month as a lot of celebration going on. I took a short escape with Mr So to Bintan Island, Indonesia last month to celebrate his big day. It was a 3D2N birthday gift from me so hmm doesn’t consider a budget trip for me this time. 

Bintan Island has been favored nature and beach holiday destination of locals and tourists from Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines. The desire to take a break from the hectic city’s life was strong and so I decided to book a 3D2N stay in Bintan Agro Beach Resort which serves as the chief tourist attraction on the island and offering a number of luxurious and comfortable accommodations for various preferences according to your budget.

The breathtaking sea view from the lobby
The entrance to the beach
Part of the hotel rooms
The lobby

The spectacular ocean and crystal white sands view from the resort that makes for Mr So’s prefect birthday vacation, I bet that no one can resist such a breathtaking seascape. The cozy touch of perennial décor, the warm and friendly hospitality service had pleasant our stay here. It was a 4 star stay, but 5 star services!

One of the most common way to visit Bintan Island is via ferry. There are 3 ports in Bintam – Tanjung Pinang, Lobam and Bandar Bentam Telani (BBT). There are regular ferry trips operate daily between Singapore Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal and Tanjung Pinang. I booked the 2 ways ticket which cost $60 each from Sindo Ferry.

The lobby with open air concept

You need to pay the tax Rp5000/person before you left the island and it doesn’t include in the ferry ticket.

The form to be filled up before entering Bintan


A guy with a light blue top uniform from the Bintan Agro Beach Resort welcomedus upon arrival. We were informed to wait for others 2 visitors before depart however, they missed the ferry and we had the opportunity to “monopolize” the whole shuttle. It took about 1 hour to reach the resort and we really enjoyed the “kampung” view with the paddies and coconut tree along the journey.

The friendly staff who welcomed us upon our arrival

We reached here around 6pm (Bintan’s time) and we had our late check in. The receptionist was nice and friendly. We were given a welcome drink voucher to redeem at any time that was convenient to us. They show us the way to our room and the room was spacious, clean and value for money. Furthermore, there was a floral scent spreading in the room upon our arrival.

It was Mr So’s birthday and I had prepared a little surprise for him. We stayed in a superior room, a standard room with a cozy balcony at the Sea Master Block with a spectacular ocean view. Thanks to the resort, they were really sweet and nice to prepare and decorate the room with a simple yet romantic birthday celebration for us. (They have a birthday cake for an option too.)

Romantic room decoration

The resort was nestled along the beachfront and there were various types of water sports such as island tour, mangrove tour, snorkeling, bicycle riding, boat fishing, flying fish and many more activities that we can relax and enjoy here. The most memorable activities that we love was island tour. For those who seeking a peaceful and relaxing weekend, you may consider to visit this “White Sands Island” and it is one of the well-known attractions in Bintan Island. The most iconic view – the swing in the middle of the ocean and crystal white sands just like its name. Do take note with their tidal information as the low tide lasts for 6 hours and the timing changes every day.

White Sands Island
Image source from HERE

The people here were lovely and sweet. They prepared us a spectacular ocean view room as I had never requested for it. It surprised both of us and we felt glad and enjoyed our stay very much. In addition, we able to view the White Sands Island although the distance was far and the size was tiny. We had the sunrise view from our balcony, however we failed to catch it as the sunrise in Bintan was much more earlier than Singapore and we were exhausted after a day of water sports activities. Bintan Agro Beach Resort had prepare a sun rise schedule for the guest to refer

The tiny White Sands Island

For the seafood lovers, you guys can enjoy the exclusive Indonesian seafood cuisine in alfresco dining style that sits above the calm and glistening sea with the panoramic sea view. It was Mr So first time to try the Indonesian Ayam Penyet (Grilled Chicken) and his feedback was good and he loved it so much! We had our candle light dinner beside the sea and we had the chance to watch the fireworks played by the guests along the beach. It was a free fireworks show for us!

Sun Moon Restaurant
Candle Light Dinner with panoramic sea view

So what’s the not good part of the Bintan Agro Beach Resort? Well, Mr So was a little bit disappointed with their WIFI service although they had a free WIFI here. Their WIFI access was limited and the connection in the room was poor. We had to hang around the lobby and restaurant area for a strong WIFI. In addition, they had a minor blackout here however it did not affect us much as the power supply was back very soon. 


I will rate 4 out of 5 for my overall staying experience here. If they have solved the WIFI issue, I definitely will rate 5 for them. ☺ It is definitely a perfect holiday destination for families or couple to have their sweet escape, birthday celebration and honeymoon here!

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