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Bao Hu Dimu Temple 寶湖地母廟 is one of the Instagram worthy spots located at Puli, the central of Taiwan. Bao Hu Dimu Temple 寶湖地母廟 is also renowned as “Blue House” where the rooftops of each temple are green and blue in colours that has become one of the trademark of the building itself. Every year, Bao Hu Dimu Temple 寶湖地母廟 manage to attract a lot of visitors to pay a visit here and pray for a better lives and health.


The overall design of Bao Hu Dimu Temple 寶湖地母廟 is fascinating and interesting where it resembles the ancient Chinese’s palace design where almost every pillar in the building was crafted vividly with the cloud shape pattern and not to mention the dragon pillar inside Bao Hu Dimu Temple 寶湖地母廟 as well.

Each piece of design and crafting are made meticulously and the blue-green component of the rooftop temple have made Bao Hu Dimu Temple 寶湖地母廟 unique, as most of the temples in Taiwan are red and orange in colours.

Surrounded by the beautiful greenery mountains, sitting at an altitude of 550m above the sea level, Bao Hu Dimu Temple 寶湖地母廟 is a 5mins drive distance away from Puli town. Bao Hu Dimu Temple 寶湖地母廟 is also occupied an area of over 3,500 square meters and it takes approximately an hour plus to walk around the temple.

Founded in 1947,  Bao Hu Dimu Temple 寶湖地母廟 is dedicated to the Taoist Lady God of the earth, mountains and rivers. It is a significant religious centre for the local as Bao Hu Dimu Temple 寶湖地母廟 is the centre of Taoist belief where they worship “ Our Lady of God”.

Located behind the main hall of Bao Hu Dimu Temple 寶湖地母廟, there is another part of 3 storey tall temple building that allow visitors to have an awesome and breathtaking bird view of Bao Hu Dimu Temple 寶湖地母廟 from the top level of the building.

Furthermore, the main colour of the walls was white in colours and it surrounded with the vivid design of cloud pillars that makes visitor feels like standing in the middle of the cloud especially during a fogging day.


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