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Located at the 111 km mark on the coastal highway, Sanxiantai (三仙台) owns a lovely folklore whereby 3 heavenly saints walked down to Earth and landed on an islet in the Pacific Ocean. Then, Lyu-Dongbin, Li-Tieguai and He-Xiangu enjoyed the sea view very much, so they decided to stay in the island and left three large rocks. Sanxiantai (三仙台) originally was named as Diayutai (钓鱼台) or Fishing Terrace. After that, Taiwanese name the place as Sanxiantai (三仙台) that means “Terrace of the 3 immortals”.

Sanxiantai (三仙台) is a renowned scenic spots in East Coast Taiwan, where it is a vital place for the study of coastal plant ecology. Moreover, Sanxiantai (三仙台) has an area of 22 hectares with its highest point reaching 77m above sea level and it also has a unique landform which created by the coastal erosion.

Sanxiantai (三仙台) was originally a headland, however the sea gradually eroded the neck of the promontory, creating an offshore island. As a result, you may spot Sanxiantai (三仙台) from far with the unique landscape of 3 large prominence rocks.


Along the coast, Sanxiantai (三仙台) has many great and beautiful rocks that are perfect for photo taking. Furthermore, visitors can enjoy numerous of water sports, such as surfing to kayaking or even fishing in this lovely place.


In the past, Sanxiantai (三仙台) only can be accessed by wading through the sea during the low tide. However, the 8 arches Sanxiantai Bridge (三仙台桥) which resembled a dragon leaping across the water was being built in the year of 1987 and connected the island with the mainland Taiwan.

The bridge was then closed and reopen at the end of 2015 after a temporary closure to repair the damage caused by erosion. And now, Sanxiantai Bridge (三仙台桥) has become the most famous landmark in the Sanxiantai scenic area!


Enjoy a 700m short trail once you crossed the scenic Sanxiantai Bridge (三仙台桥). There is various of information boards around that lead your way to the landmark and tour around the island.

Visitors can decide their own route and trails that will lead them to Hehuan Cave or the Light House.

Sanxiantai (三仙台) mountains are very close to the coastline where you can enjoy the hiking adventure or even set a camp there! Don’t forget to catch the sunrise too in the early morning because Sanxiantai (三仙台) is the first place of Taiwan that welcome the first glimpse of dawn!


It was a lovely spring morning with some pleasant sea breeze when I visited Sanxiantai (三仙台). The view was awesome and absolutely speechless that will never disappoint the visitors. However, visitors are advised to pay close attention to the weather condition and reminded to be extra careful of their own safety as well.


No. 74, Jihui Road, Chenggong Township, Taitung County, Taiwan. | 8.30am – 5pm


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