Zhiben Hotspring Zhongyi Tang Temple 知本溫泉忠義堂| Natural Hotspring In Taitung | Zanne Xanne’s Travel Guide

Similar to Japan, Taiwan is also renowned for its fantastic natural hot springs culture. Zhiben (知本) hot springs are well known tourist destination for both international and local tourists to seek for an authentic eastern hot springs experience in Taiwan. As a result, the accommodation price in Zhiben (知本) is much higher compared to others district. 

Zhiben Hotspring Zhongyi Tang Temple (知本溫泉忠義堂)offers a free hot spring spa experience to the visitors and donations upon the entry will be much more appreciated. 

Zhiben Hotspring Zhongyi Tang Temple (知本溫泉忠義堂)is also a public bath with its own individual bathroom, hence please aware the particular hot spring etiquette and maintain the cleanliness of the temple too. 

It is the best combination to have a face mask while enjoying the hot spring spa experience in Zhiben Hotspring Zhongyi Tang Temple (知本溫泉忠義堂). 

A bath with hot spring water able to improve the blood circulation, relax the muscle and smooth the skin as  the colorless water is rich with minerals and alkaline carbon that able to enhance the beauty of our skin.


There is a memorial statue located in front of Zhiben Hotspring Zhongyi Tang Temple (知本溫泉忠義堂) where visitors may pay a respect to Mr Wen Yong Nan (溫勇男) who used to be a postman in Zhiben (知本). Mr Wen Yong Nan  (溫勇男) was killed in the Nora Typhoon while he was on his duty near Zhiben Bridge. 


Zhiben Hotspring Zhongyi Tang Temple (知本溫泉忠義堂) is also one of the free campsite location in Taiwan. There is a lovely decorated staircase in front of the memorial statue that lead to a spacious parking lots, which allow visitors to park or camp here.

If you prefer a nature camping site, there is a greenery space located at the right side of Zhiben Hotspring Zhongyi Tang Temple (知本溫泉忠義堂). From here, you able to overlook Yong Nan Bridge (勇男桥) on your right which connected Zhiben (知本) neighborhood.

It is the closest space to the nature where you can enjoy the relaxing stream and the incessant sound from the insects under the starry night.


Zhiben Hotspring Zhongyi Tang Temple (知本溫泉忠義堂)also offers some rooms for those who would like to stay indoors and the price is cheap and affordable too


I was here for two nights as it was one of the ideal free campsites in Taitung for free hot spring bath as well! It is an utmost joy to enjoy and shower in the chilly weather. I really make use the facilities they have especially the hair dryer and I made some donation to the temple for maintenance and cleaning purpose. 😉 

No. 32, Longquan Road, Beinan Township, Taitung County, Taiwan 954 | 7.30 am – 8.30 pm


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