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Every summer, you may impress by the fantastic and incredible colourful hot air balloon along Luye Highland (鹿野高台). Remember not to miss out their famous International Hot Air Balloon Festival at Luye which takes place annually in Taitung if you are around here.

However, it was still spring when I visited Luye Highland (鹿野高台) and there was no hot air balloon available during my visit yet. The 2020  Luye Hot Air Balloon Festival supposed to take place from 11th July to 30 August, provided it isn’t canceled or delayed due to COVID-19.

Moreover, visitors are required to make a booking in advance via online in order to take a hot air balloon ride from Luye International Hot Air Balloon Festival.

Luye Highland (鹿野高台is located at the north of Taitung city and it is exceptionally beautiful leafy countryside which surrounded by pineapple farms and tea fields.

FU LU SHAN (福鹿山)

Fu Lu Shan (福鹿山) is a leisure place where allow visitors to take a rest, try some teas from local tea farms  and purchase some of the souvenirs and fine goods from Luye Highland.

Fu Lu Shan (福鹿山) also has an amazing Zen concept design where most of the furniture made from natural materials such as bamboos, woods and stone in order to provide relaxing and contemplative environment to the visitors.

Furthermore, there is a vast green slope located in front of Fu Lu Shan (福鹿山) where paragliding take place.

It also allows visitors to overview the breathtaking scenery of Luye Highland and Beinan River Valley.

Fu Lu Shan (福鹿山
) is indeed an amazing place where visitors able to experiece the delight of having fun in the clouds by taking part in their wonderful International Hot Air Balloon Festival.


No.145, Ln. 42, Gaotai Rd., Luye Township, Taitung County 955, Taiwan. | 8.30am – 5.30pm


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