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It was really a wonderful experience if you receive a creative handmade card from someone else and made the day more special and memorable. This card isn’t too hard or tricky to make and it just took me about an hour to complete it. This is also one of a green idea that you can play your part in order to save the earth by recycling the resources.

Materials: colour papers, plastic bag, fake flower, a pair of scissors, art knife, double side tape and glue.

  • STEP 1 – Start with a piece of 100gsm colour paper. Fold & cut the paper into 9.5cm x 9.5cm for each part.
  • STEP 2  Flatten a plastic bag & cut it into 1cm wide long stripe.
  • STEP 3 Surround the card with the stripe & paste it at the right side of the card. Make sure it’s a bit loose and movable
  • STEP 4 Paste a double side tape on the right side of the stripe
  • STEP 5 Prepare another piece of 12cm x 8cm card & paste it at the right side of the stripe.
  • STEP 6  Prepare another piece of 8cm x 8cm card & place it at the back of 100gsm paper in the opposite way (left side) of the stripe.
  • STEP 7 Fold and glue the remaining side of the paper. Try to pull the paper to make sure the cards are placed correctly.
  • STEP 8  Prepare a piece of 10cm x 6cm colour paper.
  • STEP 9  Fold it into 3 parts of 18cm x 6cm dimension.
  • STEP 10  Fold and glue the remaining side of the paper.
  • STEP 11  Prepare any decoration item or fake flower.
  • STEP 12  Glue & paste it in front of the card.

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