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Zhuilu Old Trail (錐麓古道)  is one of the best and exciting historical trail at Taroko Gorge National Park (太鲁阁国家公园) that offers a vertical cliff section with breathtaking view of 500m above the deepest marble gorge.


Zhuilu Old Trail (錐麓古道) was exist hundred years ago when the Truku indigenous people connect their villages at Taroko Gorge with the central mountain range, as the original trail were just 30cm wide.

These indigenous people stayed peacefully until the Japanese intruder occupied Taiwan. After the Truku War, the indigenous people lost and Japanese dismantled their culture in order to prevent them from hunting and forcing their kids to attend Japanese school.


Soon, Zhuilu Old Trail (錐麓古道) was expanded and Badagang Village (巴达岗) was created during the Japanese Colonial Period. Some of the infrastructure such as police station, police dormitory, school, trading office, clinic and warehouse have been built during the Japanese Colonial Period to take care the village governance.

As Badagang Village (巴达岗) was located in between the entrance of Taroko Gorge (太鲁阁) and Tien Hsiang (天祥), Badagang Village (巴达岗) has become a vital place to stop and overnight. Hence, in the year of 1930 as the tourism rise, Badagang Village (巴达岗) once has built a guesthouse that able to  accommodate 20 guests per night. During your hike at Zhuilu Old Trail (錐麓古道), you still can spot some of the left over building foundations and old cement door posts around Badagang Village (巴达岗).


Badagang Bridge (巴达桥) was built in the year of 2008 in order to improve the trail where previously it involves a lot of danger and difficult hike through the gully.


Zhuilu Old Trail (錐麓古道) is a long stretch cliff  that has an amazing and breathtaking scenery. However, it’s a must to apply permit in advance via online and Zhuilu Old Trail (錐麓古道) suggested to have a safety helmet for the safety purpose too. You may click HERE to apply Zhuilu Old Trail (錐麓古道) permit in English version too. Please also take note that only 96 people are allowed during weekday and 156 people on weekends and holidays.

After you have successfully applied Zhuilu Old Trail (錐麓古道) permit online, you may purchase the entrance ticket which cost TWD 200 upon arrival. The entrance hour is only from 7AM to 10AM unless Zhuilu Old Trail (錐麓古道) is closed due to natural disaster.


Zhuilu Old Trail (錐麓古道) also involves a high level of difficulty trail, hence make sure to access your physical capability and check your equipment before entering. Please also take note that jump, run or play is prohibited during your hike at Zhuilu Old Trail (錐麓古道).

Walk close to the edge wall and grip the rope along the hike as the cliff is narrow. Furthermore, rock falls often happen along Zhuilu Old Trail (錐麓古道), so watch out for the rockfalls and pass the highlighted area quickly.


Zhuilu Old Trail (錐麓古道) was really an amazing and exciting hike! During Taroko Gorge National Park (太鲁阁国家公园) journey, we overnight and camp here in order to wake up early and  enter the trail early. As it was spring during my visit, hence the weather was unstable and we need to leave Zhuilu Old Trail (錐麓古道) earlier before the sky turns dark too.

Just to take note that, safety always comes first. Hence, do not remain in one place too long and watch out for the rock falls during the typhoon season (May – October). Other than this, the hike is really great and fun where you can meet new friends along the hike at Zhuilu Old Trail (錐麓古道) too!


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