KKSTAR USB Rechargeable Juice Blender Review By Zanne Xanne

Being a wise consumer, we often did a lot of research before purchase as we know that shopping can be a maddening experience by finding the best product from the right store at the lowest price. I just bought a Portable USB Rechargeable Juice Blender from Taobao recently as I need it to make my own juice and smoothies especially after my yoga practice.


KKSTAR Portable USB Rechargeable Juice Blender is a mini portable blender which you can bring along in your backpack or suitcase, even you are travelling on a plane. However, please take note that you need to keep your portable blender into your checked-in luggage due to the blades issue that may prohibit you from entering the plane.


KKSTAR Portable USB Rechargeable Juice Blender runs on two 4000mAh batteries which able to blend up to 10 cups of juice with one charge. It ables to stop automatically once the blending is over too. This portable juice blender can easily to be recharged via the USB port with your power bank, computer or even in the car too.


It features six blades in different shapes that operate in different direction to ensure the efficiency and speed in blending the fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, KKSTAR Portable USB Rechargeable Juice Blender is fast and powerful enough to blend the ice cubes, beans and nuts too.

UP TO 100°C

This portable juice blender made up from high quality glass that able to blend the hot food up to 100°C. However, please take note that it can’t be used in the microwave due to safety concern.


KKSTAR Portable USB Rechargeable Juice Blender can be dismantled easily in order to allow a proper cleaning after used.



It is a great portable USB rechargeable juice blender which allows me to carry along in my bag and blend my smoothies and juice anytime whenever I like. Moreover, KKSTAR Portable USB Rechargeable Juice Blender goes well with my healthy eating habits when I’m on the road or after my workout. It’s really convenient and the price is reasonable too! It costs me about $35 only. This sleek design juice blender able to blend the ice with frozen fruits which allow me to blend wide variety of delicious and refreshing fruit juice by myself!

RATING ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐



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