How To Start A Blog For Beginner

Dear readers, I’m extremely excited to share a good news with all of you here! I’m going to begin my Self-hosted Blog with own domain name which sponsored by in order to create a professional appearance and boost the function of my website! You may click HERE to find out more about

During my blogging journey, I frequently received a lot of questions from you all about How To Start A Blog For Beginner. Hence, here are some useful tips and information that I would like to share with all of you:




It is a free sign up an account like and to set up your site. There’s no initial set up fee for the free platform and it’s easy to be used and maintain without any prior website design knowledge. However, there’s a limit for the data storage that you can keep your images and files on your blogging platform’s server.


There will be a Blogger or WordPress domain tacked onto your website, such as Moreover, it looks less professional compare to the self-hosted one and limited amount for your data and advertising options. (It’s harder for you to earn the advertising fee from your website as well!)


It is a blogging platform that resides on your own server, however most of the people are paying a third party to host their blog such as which I recommended as it’s one of the professional and popular web design company that provide hosting services globally. In addition, you will have full control over your blogs such as custom themes, layout, search engine optimization, advertising revenue and others additional function as well. It only costs a few dollars per month for using a third party host.


Self-hosted blogging platform requires an initial investment and payment. Some images, domain names, theme and third-party host will be added to your costs. Certain plugin functional software that you can install on your site can cost money as well.



Based on my blogging experience, I would prefer self-hosted blogging platform than free blogging platform as it looks more professional and able to perform more functions. Moreover, it is ideal for me to improve my professional appearance and fully utilize the function of my blog too! 2 years ago, I began my blogging journey with Blogger which is a free blogging platform for the beginner. I was new and a freshman who is just exploring the blogging world and not very serious about it. However, I feeling grateful that I able to move until so far with your faith and support until I able to have my blog with own domain name.

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